Elumen LED High-Bay Lighting

high bay light

Elumen LED Flood Lighting

slim Floodlight

Elumen LED Panel Lighting

Flat panel light

Superior design

Designed by Australians for local conditions, we draw on decades of experience and guarantee our results.

Instant results

Clients see immediate improvements in their workplaces and enjoy watching electricity consumption plummet.

No flicker or warm-ups

Switch on any of the Elumen range for instant, flicker-free and reliably uniform lighting—guaranteed.

People feel better

Everyone operates more efficiently and feels safer in well-lit spaces and Elumen lighting helps ensure your workplace is just that.

Robust, durable technology

Elumen lighting is guaranteed to perform year after year, with superior metal housings, power supplies and heat dissipation.

room for improvement

Investing in Elumen lighting lets you introduce other workplace improvements, including consumption efficiencies from motion-sensors.

stronger light, no glare

Designed in Australia to meet (and beat) clients’ expectations

safer workspace, less expense

Better lighting means greater efficiency and less workplace hazards.

Long-life, high performance

High Bay Solutions

Elumen High Bay lights offer outstanding luminance and eliminate the glare produced by outdated, inferior technologies. Recognised for their reliable uniform distribution, our range is reliably flicker-free and highly efficient. Users get substantial savings in their daily energy consumption along with greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Elumen LED High-bay Lighting

Better design

Providing the ultimate in thermal design and quality of construction

Elumen LED High-bay Lighting

superior componentry

Our warranties are as industry-leading as our components are world-class

Elumen LED High-bay Lighting

Built to exceed

Warranties as good as ours can only offered on industry-leading lighting

IP65 Weather-Proof

Designed to withstand Australian Environments

No flickering

Advanced designed to prevent flickering

Helping keep exteriors safe and secure

Flood Lighting

Elumen LED flood lights keep exteriors safe and secure with a flicker-free and weather-proof design that will ensure reliability and keep maintenance costs down.

Elumen LED Flood Lighting


Easy to install, dismantle, maintenance with easy angle adjustment.

Elumen LED Flood Lighting

Robust Design

Innovative G shape stainless steel clips protect the glass from falling off.

Elumen LED Flood Lighting

Designed to last

With 3-5 year warranties, you can have confidence in Elumen Flood Lights.

FK-FL50-100N-HS 5000K

Luminaire Photometric Test PDF

FK-FL100-100N-HS 5000K

Luminaire Photometric Test PDF

FK-FL150-100N-HS 5000K

Luminaire Photometric Test PDF

FK-FL200-100N-HS 5000K

Luminaire Photometric Test PDF

Slim Flood Light Features

Slim Flood light-V1.4 PDF

Slim Floodlight User Manual

Slim Floodlight V1.1 PDF

Sleek Design

Modern sleek and flexible design that blends into any environment

Safe Environments

Elumen Panel Lights instantly improve environments with high illumination

Offices, classrooms, auditoriums and hospitals

Panel Lighting

Elumen Panel Lights provides offices, classrooms, auditoriums and hospitals with a sleek high-quality lighting solution designed to lower maintenance and power consumption.

Elumen LED Panel Lighting


Elumen panel lights are built to a high-quality, limiting maintenance and interruptions.

Elumen LED Panel Lighting

Modern Design

Sleek lighting to create inspiring or modern environments

Elumen LED Panel Lighting

Energy Saving

LED lighting will enable you to slash your power bills.