LR/EMIoT Emergency Lighting Testing Technology

Elumen LR emergency lights are equipped with long-range network technology and are designed to be used within the Plexus network.

Sites that are equipped with these Plexus compatible lights can then be remotely monitored and tested with an EMIoT subscription.


What is the Plexus Network?

The Plexus Network is a robust network of wireless nodes and gateways. Plexus nodes automatically form a path to the gateway, providing uniquely wide indoor network coverage to every corner of the building.

Plexus products and solutions are focused on offering advanced facility management and monitoring through cloud connectivity to fix facility assets such as temperature sensors, emergency lights, HVAC and many more.

Elumen LR emergency lights operate as wireless Plexus nodes capable of joining the Plexus network.

What is EMIoT?

EMIoT is a cloud-based emergency lighting remote monitoring and testing service WBS Technology offers in partnership with your fire protection provider.

By utilising Elumen LR emergency lighting products and the Plexus network, EMIoT offers are a broad range of features and benefits such as:

  • Cloud testing and reporting
  • 100% accurate device performance testing
  • Multi-site cloud monitoring
  • Automatic test scheduling and reporting
  • No test switch required
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Want to Find LR Products & Information?

Look for the Elumen products at your local wholesaler with the Plexus logo or click on the LR variations on our product range pages.