Simplify Testing

Efficient Testing, Fast Results

Have the results ready before you arrive
No Data Cabling or Test Switches

Ready to test as soon as it’s powered on.

Collect Results in Seconds

Collect results to your phone with the Elumen app or read the results straight from the fitting.

Automated Test Schedule

Emergency lights self-test every 2 months to ensure results are always up to date.

Compliant with AS2293

Elumen is fully compliant with AS2293 testing standards.

5 Year Warranty

Rest assured with our full coverage warranty. No hidden clauses, no hidden fees.

Elumen App

Collect results in an instant

Elumen's self-test emergency lighting range connects directly to your phone. Simply open the Elumen app and scan for nearby devices to obtain a list of all Elumen products in the vicinity. Elumen's self-test range will automatically show it's most recent test result, diagonostics and product information.

Test Result Indicator

Quickly view the test results of all fittings within bluetooth range.

Expanded Details View

View detailed information about the fitting such as the failure reason.

Physically Identify Fittings

The fitting will flash so that it can easily be visually located.

Custom Labels

Add your own labels to easily identify your fittings.

Save Your Settings

Save your settings as a template to easily apply the same settings to all your devices.

Lock Settings

Optionally lock the fitting’s settings to prevent unauthorised changes.

Configure Classification

Dynamically change the AS2293 classification for applicable fititngs.

Customise Test Cycle

Customise the test cycle to suit your schedule.

Elumen App

How you want it, when you want it

Configure any Elumen self-test product with the Elumen app. Adjust the test frequency or test date and configure device specific settings. Simply connect to a nearby self-test device to view and edit its settings and test schedule.


Want to Learn More?

Check Out Our Videos on Self-Test

Setting up Self-Test 1:59

In this video we go over and demonstrate how simple the set-up and installation is of Elumen’s Self-Test Emergency Lighting range.

Collecting Self-Test Results 1:55

In this video, we demonstrate how Elumen’s Self-Test Emergency Lights results can be collected.

Setting the Sunrise-ST Classification 1:27

Here we demonstrate how Elumen’s Self-Testing Emergency Sunrise are able to adapt to the requirements needed for different classifications in aligns with AS 2293.1.

Want to Find Self-Test Products & Information?

Look for the Elumen products at your local wholesaler with the Self-Test logo or click on the Self-Test (ST) variations on our product range pages.