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    Elumen Superstores


    What’s an Elumen Superstore?

    Elumen superstores are registered electrical and lighting wholesalers who specialise in Elumen emergency and exit lighting. Wholesalers recognised as superstores have immediate access to a wide range of Elumen products and knowledge. So whether you’re after an exit light, or just after some advice on one. Be sure to call up or pop in to one of our superstores to have a chat with their friendly sales staff.


    Why shop at an Elumen superstore?


    All Emergency (EM Range) products in stock

    Excellent pricing

    Dedicated, knowledgeable staff  and BDM that are ready to help

    Delivery within 24hrs (Mon-Fri)

    In store promotions and giveaways

    Elumen Superstores:

    Authorised Wholesalers